New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to celebrate and end the year in style. While many opt for lavish dinners and rich dishes, some seek ways to make their celebration even more special by introducing refined gastronomic delights. Two undisputed stars in this context are oysters and caviar, delicacies famed for their exclusive flavour and luxurious aura.

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Oysters: the taste of the sea in a bite

Oysters have always embodied the essence of elegance and culinary sophistication. Offered fresh and raw, they are an ideal start to an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration dinner.

With their soft texture and enveloping flavour of the sea they prove irresistible to lovers of an authentic gastronomic experience.

When selecting these treasures of the sea, freshness is crucial. It is paramount to source the freshest oysters from reliable suppliers, thus ensuring maximum flavour and food safety. To preserve their freshness, they are served on a bed of ice, and thin slices of lemon and a mignonette sauce are added to further enhance their flavour.

The perfect accompaniment for these sea delicacies is champagne or a fruity white wine, providing a combination that will delight the most refined palates.

For a unique culinary touch, we suggest trying the recipe ‘Oysters with Prosecco Jelly’ by Chef Stefano Riva, available on the website. This expertly devised creation will add an extraordinary culinary experience to your New Year’s Eve feast.

Caviar: A sumptuous treat for refined palates

Like oysters, caviar, with its shiny pearls and rich, delicate flavour, is the luxury ingredient par excellence on the New Year’s Eve menu.

When selecting this delicacy, choosing high-quality caviar from sustainable sources is paramount. Among the most prized varieties are Beluga, Osietra and Sevruga caviar. The caviar can be presented on small, lightly toasted bread croutons or on slices of roasted potatoes, providing a crispy and delicious tasting experience.

To create a unique balance of flavours, we recommend serving caviar with fresh creams, diced hard-boiled eggs and red onion. Champagne, with its effervescence, proves to be the perfect classic pairing for oysters and caviar, cleansing the palate and preparing it for every bite.

And to further elevate the dining experience, special attention may be paid to the table setting and presentation, using a porcelain dinner service, silver cutlery, and crystal glasses.

To conclude, oysters and caviar are excellent culinary choices to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style and sophistication. Exquisite presentation and attention to detail will turn your New Year’s Eve dinner into a memorable experience. Happy New Year and bon appetit!

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