A masterly balance of flavors

In Campania making vegetables more appetizing is an art. Zucchini alla scapece – one of the cult dishes of Neapolitan cuisine – are fried zucchini marinated in white wine vinegar and seasoned with mint. A side dish with an unmistakable taste, thanks to the intensity of the marinating, the sinful frying and the fresh touch of mint. Unmissable in summer, when zucchini are in season, also as an ingredient for stuffing pizzas and sandwiches.

What is the meaning of scapece?

The term scapece indicates precisely the marinating of ingredients with vinegar, not only of zucchini, but also of other vegetables or fish. This technique, common in many regions of Italy, is said to derive from Spanish contamination and from the term escabeche. Therefore, all over the world there are many types of scapece, from the Ligurian scabeccio (a dish made of marinated fish) to the escabeche of South American cuisine, with different sauces and marinades. Let’s not forget that Naples was part of the Spanish dominions in the 500’s and they left signs in both gastronomic and traditional culture.


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Zucchini alla scapece: Neapolitan recipe


  • 6 zucchine
  • aglio
  • aceto di vino bianco
  • menta fresca
  • olio extra vergine di oliva
  • sale

To prepare zucchini alla scapece, start by washing the zucchini. After drying them well with kitchen paper, trim them and cut them into rounds. Fry the zucchini in plenty of hot extra virgin olive oil, a few at a time. As soon as they are golden brown, drain them and place them on a sheet of kitchen paper to absorb any excess oil. Wash and dry the mint. Peel a few cloves of garlic and cut them into slices. Transfer the fried zucchini to a bowl and season with the garlic, mint leaves, salt and about 50 g of wine vinegar. Let marinate for at least 2 hours before serving.

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