Choose your perfect aperitif

Glamour, in trendy clubs, quieter at the corner bar or simply homemade. However you may want it, aperitif is an Italian tradition that cannot be renounced. Why? It’s an opportunity to enjoy small appetizers, from the great classic like olives or chips, to the most imaginative ones. It also helps to get you into the mood for lunch or dinner. But above all, the aperitif is the perfect excuse to meet friends and be together for a while.

Have you ever wondered where this habit comes from? Let’s find out who invented it and why, and also what’s the secret for a perfect Italian aperitif.


It’s a long story

Aperitif’s history is actually literally long. Who would’ve thought, this is a millennia-old tradition, which can also boast an illustrious creator. For the first, true aperitif, we have to thank none other than Hippocrates, the Greek doctor of the 4th century BC who discovered that a shot of bitter herbal liqueur worked wonders to restore the appetite in his patients.

The word “aperitif”, however, is Latin, and literally means to open. To open what, one may wonder. The stomach, of course!

Through the centuries the habit of drinking a little liquor before eating has survived with mixed fortunes. Finally, in 1786, in Turin, the manager of a small distillery reinvented the tradition that eventually ended up somehow reaching the king’s ears. With a testimonial such as Vittorio Emanuele II, of course, aperitif’s success became unstoppable all throughout Italy.


A special aperitif: the Spritz

A perfect recipe doesn’t really exist, when it comes to aperitif the imagination wins.

Cheeses, cured meats, finger food based on fish, meat or total vegan. Anything goes when you’re feeling peckish. To drink, however, what should never be missing is the Spritz. It’s a mix of Aperol, prosecco and soda, some ice and a slice of orange to garnish the glass which, by tradition, should be a stemmed goblet.

This is a recipe born in Veneto region almost a century ago, but maybe it’s for the color that brings joy, or for the fresh and sparkling taste, or for the easy preparation, now when it comes to aperitifs the Spritz has become a must.

Have you ever tasted the real Italian Spritz?

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