E4QUALITY’s events abroad are back, this time dedicated to the Group “Barbera d’Asti e Vini del Monferrato”.

Foreign events within the ambitious and innovative E4QUALITY project continue, supported by the European Union and created by the Group “Barbera d’Asti e Vini del Monferrato”. Local wineries will be protagonists of promotional events in the German capital of Berlin and in the rich market of the strategic European port city of Hamburg. The aim of the project is to promote the awareness and culture of great autochthonous wines of Monferrato, from Barbera d’Asti to Ruchè of Castagnole Monferrato, in key European markets of Italian wines’ export, encouraging the creation of new networks and relational opportunities for local producers. The first stage of 2022 is scheduled for March 12th and 13th in Berlin and for March 14th in Hamburg, whose market has always been strategic for Piedmontese producers and now needs to be promoted after the pandemic.

The 3-day-programme: events in Berlin

The event is starting on March 12th with a welcome dinner at the restaurant Facciola – Forster St.5, 10999 Berlin – with a selection of local experts, while on March 13th at 12 am the location will be Bar café Aedes, founded in 1980 as the first European private architecture gallery in the Aedes Forum complex. On this occasion Monferrato and its wineries will be presented through guided tastings during which a selected audience of distributors, buyers, importers and sommelier of Berlin will be able to discuss with producers about Italian wine’s future perspectives on the German market.

Umberto Galli Zugaro, president of Europäischer Sommelier Schule and expert of Italian wine, will guide the masterclass. At the end of the tasting, during a convivial lunch for all the guests, will be presented innovative videos in immersive 3D Oculos technology dedicated to Monferrato, made by the video maker and set designer Lucio Diana from Turin. At 2 pm there will be a walk around tasting dedicated to specialists and prestigious wine lovers. This moment will be open to the public, who will not only taste wines and cheeses of Piedmont, but also discuss directly with the producers to deepen the knowledge of Barbera d’Asti, Ruché, Castelmagno and Piedmontese Toma. The producers will be there during the closing dinner by the chefs Gerardo Savaia and Stefano Savoca.
Morning meetings between importers and producers on March 14th will be the opportunity to outline new business prospects for Monferrato wines on German market.

All events will be held in German with support in Italian and are reserved for wine experts.
For registration contact Lorenzo Ciavatta at press@italianevents.de.

The 3-day-programme: events in Hamburg

At 5.30 pm of Monday 14th the event moves to Hamburg at Porto Nuovo restaurants, located in the harbour area. The participants will be the major distributors and importers of the rich port city. At the end of the day, a nice dinner of Monferrato wines and Piedmontese DOP cheeses will be tasted by specialists and journalists.
A unique and unrepeatable opportunity, involving different realities belonging to two keys city of the German market and many experts, to lay the foundation for future cooperation and other events in the field in Germany.

Project E4QUALITY: Engagement Experience Exclusivity Emotion

E4Quality aims to tell in an innovative way the typical organoleptic characteristics, in terms of food safety and attention to the environment, of the high-quality food products of the Piedmont region. The know-how of the Protection Consortia, the investigation of market trends, the involvement of young people and experts allow E4Quality to respond to the needs of an increasingly global and heterogeneous market.
E4QUALITY project’s identity is profoundly rooted in the material and immaterial cultural heritage of the producer areas of Piedmontese wines and cheeses. It addresses to a wide audience of experts, communicators and potential generic costumers.
The project wants to illustrate the centuries-old knowledge and values combining an experiential approach, through avant-garde multimedia tools and immersive paths, with an educational relational approach carried out by producers and experts of the field.