Attention to details and very high quality: this is the only way for pizzerias to obtain the Gambero Rosso award.

Pizza, a popular dish turned gourmet. The challenge is enormous, expectations are high, pizza makers become artists and the competition can begin!

Let’s discover the Gambero Rosso 2021 selections together and get ready to travel and taste true masterpieces. This is where we start a culinary journey, to discover fantastic restaurants and new pizzas, new tasty and nutritious vegan toppings or the typical mozzarella, salami & co. Neapolitan, Roman, fried, sliced, stuffed… pizza is all this and much more.


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The list of the best pizzerias in Italy, according to Gambero Rosso 2021

This list is based on a number of factors that Gambero Rosso has sought out in Italian pizzerias: truth and consistency. Starting with what is written on the menu, which must then correspond to what arrives on the customers’ plates, respecting the recipe, but even more so with respect to the origin and quality of the raw material.
As Gambero Rosso said “at the top of lis are confirmed those masters who began to write the history of Italian pizza more than ten years ago and who continue their concentrated path, without waving any other flag than that of quality and commitment”. In addition to drawing up a general list, Gambero Rosso also give other awards:

  • The award for the pizzeria with the best up-and-coming pizza chef goes to Sabrina Bianco from pizzeria Borgo Rosso di Sera in Sal Lucido (Cosenza)
  • The pizza of the year award, and the Masters of Dough goes to Simone Lombardi from Crosta Milano and Francesco Martucci from Masanielli in Caserta.
  • Pizza of the Year, Tasting Pizza category: Da Ezio, Alano Di Piave (Belluno) with pizza “Rivoluzione Vegetale”
  • Pizza of the Year, Neapolitan Pizza category: Villa Giovanna, Ottaviano (Naples) with pizza “Fil. Felice”
  • Pizza of the Year, Italian Pizza category: Chicco, Colle Val d’Elsa (Siena) with pizza “Marinara all’Aglione”
  • Pizza of the Year, Category Pizza a Taglio: Tellia, Torino with pizza “Polpo”
  • Pizza of the Year, Sweet Pizza Category: Pepe In Grani, Caiazzo (Caserta) with pizza “Pastiera fritta”

Gambero Rosso wanted, with the awards given in 2021, to send a strong message to Italians during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. A message that speaks of Italy and good pizza, which does not give up and makes great strides.

Find out the pizzerias who won the “tre spicchi” reward and those who won the “tre rondelle” prize


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Italy is the mother of all pizzas but Gambero Rosso has found some really interesting international pizzerias

Pizza can be good and appreciated also outside Italy and this is the proof: Gambero Rosso finds and identifies the best pizzerias also all over the world.
Here are the ones you may wanna try during your next trips:

  • 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo (London)
  • Radio Alice (London)
  • Bijou (Paris)
  • Standard Serious Pizza (Berlin)
  • Futura (Berlin)
  • nNea Pizza (Amsterdam)
  • Sotto (Malta)
  • Luigia (Geneva)
  • Song’ e Napule (New York)
  • Ribalta (New York)
  • O Munaciello (Miami)
  • Montesacro – Pinseria Enoteca (San Francisco)
  • Una Pizza Napoletana (San Francisco)
  • Spacca Napoli (Chicago)
  • Al Taglio (Sydney)
  • PizzAperta (Sydney)
  • Leggera Pizza Napoletana (St. Paul)
  • Napoli Sta Ca’ (Tokyo)
  • The Pizza Bar on 38th (Tokyo)
  • Bottega (Pechino)
  • Luigia (Dubai)

Pizza taste is unforgettable, but, just in case, enjoying it outside Italy is possible and even recommended!

What is Gambero Rosso?

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