In the centre of Friedrichshain, two young Neapolitans have created a proper and original Neapolitan pizzeria: Spaccanapoli nr 12

What makes this place special? Pizzas like Pistacchia (base of ricotta with fior di latte, pistachios, mortadella, dried tomatoes – and a burrata in the middle), Black Forest (champignon cream, fior di latte, roast potatoes, onions, olives and parmesan), Hot Calabria (fior di latte, Nduja, aubergines, parmesan flakes and basil), Amatriciana (tomato, fior di latte, guanciale and pecorino cheese) and Vegan Friends (champignon cream, sun-dried tomatoes, aubergines and onions). These are just some of the reasons why everyone should try Spaccanapoli 12 at least once. This pizzeria opened in November on Wühlischstrasse 12, just a stone’s throw from Boxhagener Platz in the Friedrichshain area. Then there are also the classics like Marinara (just €7), Margherita, Napoletana, Salsiccia e Friarielli, Bufala and many more…

Spaccanapoli nr 12, real Neapolitan pizza: the dough

The pizza is big enough to cover the whole plate, you will experience the sensation of diving into the art of contemporary Neapolitan pizza. The dough, which is prepared between 36 and 48 hours before is smooth and compact but at the same time soft. The alveolation (which gives those perfect and soft bubbles in the crust) is perfect and is maintained even when the dough balls are closed. The result is that, after baking, even if you wait a few minutes (but the pizza must be eaten immediately!) it won’t ever be chewy, just lots of flavours and perfectly balanced crust.


3 pizzas on the menu: Pistacchia, Vegan Master and Trip in Emilia Romagna

Spaccanapoli nr 12, the two Neapolitans managers: Sergio and Gabriele

Sergio, one of the owners, has the official certificate from the Campania region as a Pizza Verace Napoletana. He is the one who chose the Spaccanapoli’s pizzaioli: Valerio and Adrian. Besides pizza, Spaccanapoli nr 12  offers lasagna, salads, panuozzi and piadine. You can find great breakfasts based on Neapolitan sfogliatelle and mini pastries. The other manager, Gabriele, previously ran a smoothie and breakfast bar in the Ring Center, although he has a degree in cultural heritage and has already published four novels for various publishing houses. The combination of Spaccanapoli nr 12 is great popular gastronomy and culture.  Napoli’s sea and fine weather are missing but the restaurant offer about 70 seats indoors and is framed by a series of French windows which, with the right outside temperatures, can transform the whole place into an immense veranda, making you feel in the real Spaccanapoli, which is one of the most popular streets of Naples.

Not only pizza: sfogliatelle, lasagna and salads

Spaccanapoli nr 12 also has fried vegetables in batter, potato crocché, arancini and zucchini flowers, as well as panuozzi (the same dought as pizza, but split in two and filled with vegetables or cold cuts) – and rich salads. Desserts range from babas to pistachio soufflés and various types of cakes (including the delicious ricotta and pear and grandma’s cake). There is also room for baked pasta: every month two different variants of lasagne, decided based on seasonal vegetables or meat. In short, there is something for all palates.


The Rossa salad, the lasagna with pumpkin and mushrooms and the potato crocchè

Spaccanapoli nr 12

Wühlischstr. 12, 10245 Berlin