After the Italian Street Food Festival and the Pizza Street Festival, True Italian announces the third and final mouth-watering festival of this summer 2022: the Pistachio Street Food Festival

Did someone say pistachios? By popular demand and after the success of the first edition held in 2021 which attracted more than 4,000 visitors, the Pistachio Street Food Festival is back in Berlin. The event, the only one in Germany entirely dedicated to pistachio, aims to become an annual gathering for all lovers of this delicious ingredient. Like last year, the festival is taking place at Jules B-Part in Gleisdreieck Park on August 27 and 28, 2022 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

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A singular festival to promote and enhance pistachios

As the name suggests, the heart of the event will be pistachio, declined in all its forms and combinations, from sweet to savoury, from pesto to cream, whole or granulated. Indeed, it is a versatile ingredient that lends itself to many recipes and has always attracted the attention of different peoples and cultures. 

Pistachio is a simple ingredient, but one that can add an extra touch to recipes. It is increasingly appreciated around the world, including in Germany, where no one had yet dedicated an entire event to it. We at True Italian wanted to make up for this by creating a festival that would highlight this precious ingredient and bring together all lovers of the famous ‘green gold’.

An even more international second edition

The particularity of this second edition lies precisely in the international note with which the protagonist of this event, the pistachio, will perform. In fact, the festival will feature not only Italian stands, but also stands and food trucks from every corner of the world, ready to share with the Berlin audience how this delicious ingredient is used in their cuisine. From Iran to Korea and Peru, from Italy to Mexico, the festival will gather exceptional specialities, an opportunity not to be missed by all pistachio lovers! In the coming weeks, all the details of the event will be revealed, including the stands and food trucks and their specialities.

Accompanying participants on this culinary journey will be several DJ sets for a festive and convivial atmosphere. Admission is 3 euros and free for children under 12. During the event, the now famous Instagram contest will also be organised, allowing all participants to win a stay in Sicily, the Italian home of pistachios.

Juwelenreis (typical Persian rice) served with pistachios, almonds and samosas with pistachios proposed by Tehran 021 during the 2021 festival

Pistachio: a unique Italian ingredient but not only

The Pistachio Street Food Festival aims to highlight international cuisine and not just Italian specialities. In Italy, pistachios are mainly produced in Sicily, and the Bronte pistachio is recognized for its undeniable quality and the peculiar characteristics of its growing area for which the product has received the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label. But pistachio is a fruit that comes from afar. It was originally cultivated by the ancient Jews and was imported to the Italian island by the Arabs. Moreover, Italy is the 7th country for pistachio production with an average of about 3 800 tons per year, after Iran (with more than 330 000 tons per year), the United States, Turkey, China, Syria and Greece. Therefore, this valuable ingredient could not but impose itself on the cuisine of different cultures. Considering this data, the choice of a pistachio festival with an international atmosphere is obvious.

Pistachio Street Food Festival

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of August, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

International street food with a special focus on pistachio, cocktails, and good music in the beautiful location of Jules B-Part (Luckenwalder Str. 6b, 10963 Berlin).

ENTRY FEE: 3€ (free for kids under 12). There is no pre-sale, you can get your ticket at the entrance

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Stands and offered Specialties

BBQ Fraktion

Burger or piadina filled with pulled pork or pastrami, with pistachio sauce and chopped pistachios

Cargo Gastronomia

Pucce (a kind of focaccia from Puglia) with different pistachio fillings (also vegetarian and vegan)

Dolci e Salati

Salty cannoli filled with ricotta cream, mortadella and pistachios, baked calzone with pistachio pesto, pistachio babà, pistachio profiterol, pistachio biscuits

Duo Sicilian Ice Cream

Ice cream, granita, pistachio cream

El Mexicano Tacos

Tacos and nachos with pistachio sauce

Focacceria San Francesco

Sfincione Palermitano with pistachio grains (tomato sauce with caramelised onion in Marsala wine, Sicilian pecorino cheese, pilchards and pistachio grains)
Sfincione Bianco with parmesan cream, mortadella with pistachio, stracciatella di bufala and pistachio granules,
Arancini served with pistachio cheese mousse and pistachio granules

Guten Dag

Fried chicken and vegetables with pistachio sauce


Ceviche with pistachios, empanadas with pistachios, “Lomo Saltado” with pistachios

Kuchen von Gaia

Pistachio cannoli, pistachio tiramisù, bigné (cream puff)

Isola Italia

Arrosticini with pistachio sauce, pistachio lasagna, pistachio bruschetta, sandwich with mortadella, mozzarella and pistachio pesto, waffle with pistachio sauce (also vegan)

Mangiare Berlin

Pizza and deep fried pizza with different pistachio toppings

MedEATerranean Trip

Octopus burger with pistachio sauce, pistachio focaccia with porchetta, gnocchi with pistachio sauce, meatballs with pistachio sauce, Neapolitan pastry with pistachios

Paesano & Mammafiore

Pistachio liqueurs


Pasta with various pistachio sauces

Tehran 021

Jewel rice (Persian recipe: rice with saffron, pistachios and almonds), Samosa with pistachios, Sholeh Zard (Persian saffron rice pudding with pistachios and almonds)


Pistachio creams, pistachio pesto, pistachio biscuits and crêpes or croissants with pistachio cream

Zum Heiligen Teufel

Panzerotti with various pistachio fillings