A much-anticipated culinary novelty has finally landed in Berlin: the first authentic Neapolitan gluten-free pizza, Partenope 081.

This pizzeria, already renowned in the Berlin culinary scene for the quality of its pizzas, has now created a space for who favors or is obliged to a gluten-free diet. The heart of this novelty resides in the special oven and the separated kitchen, that grant a contamination-free environment.

Partenope 081’s gluten-free pizza is made with the utmost care regarding grain flour, top quality ingredients and leavening. Moreover, Partenope uses some special toppings too, rigorously gluten-free, in order to offer a tasty and unforgettable experience.

Besides pizza, the kitchen offers some gluten-free recipes as well, such as lasagna and other delicious dishes, to satisfy the more diverse palates.

Celiac disease and the importance of a glutenfree diet

Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition in which gluten consumption causes an immune reaction that damages the mucosa of the small intestine. This condition affects roughly 1 person out of 100 worldwide, according to the most recent data of 2021.

Numerous people suffering from gluten intolerance are not even conscious of their condition, but they regularly experience abdominal pain, swelling, tiredness and intestinal discomfort after the ingestion of gluten. For these people a gluten-free diet is necessary, since eliminating gluten can prevent or even heal the damages to the intestine and allows for an healthy assimilation of the fundamental nutrients.

Partenope 081 as a celiacs’ heaven in Berlin

With the opening of its gluten-free pizzeria, Partenope 081 stands as one of the few Neapolitan pizzerias in Berlin that offers authentic and delicious pizza for celiacs.In a city in which Neapolitan pizza’s popularity keeps growing, it is essential meeting the needs of those that, unluckily, cannot enjoy the deliciousness of this Italian dish.

Presently, Partenope 081’s gluten-free area is open only in the weekends, but it is possible to order a gluten-free pizza even during the week. However, it has to be noted that during the week the pizza is not prepared in the specialized oven, which could cause some small contaminations. That’s why these options could apply more to people who suffer light intolerances.

Whatever the case, Partenope 081 offers an authentic culinary option for everyone, assuring that nobody will miss out on the delicious taste of a Neapolitan pizza.


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