From March 10 to 14, 2023, the renowned INTERNORGA trade fair once again transformed Hamburg into a hub for foodservice and hospitality innovation.

Celebrating its latest edition, the fair showcased cutting-edge trends and solutions, bringing together industry giants, newcomers, and experts. This year’s focus on digitalization, plant-based foods, sustainability, and new food and beverage trends reaffirmed INTERNORGA’s role as a trendsetter in the industry, continuing its long-standing tradition of driving innovation and inspiration.

A key theme at INTERNORGA 2023 was the untapped potential of digitalization, especially in AI. The fair highlighted how AI is reshaping food waste management, sustainability efforts, supply chains, and robotics, offering solutions to staff shortages and improving business efficiency. The AI Centre, a new addition, became a focal point for exploring AI applications in the hospitality and restaurant sector.

Plant-Based Revolution: Health Meets Happiness

INTERNORGA 2023 emphasized the growing shift towards plant-based diets. The event showcased a variety of vegan and vegetarian options, highlighting how taste remains central to this dietary change. From vegan currywurst to plant-based dairy alternatives, the fair demonstrated the industry’s commitment to offering diverse and enjoyable plant-based options.

Sustainability: A Core Value Chain Component

Sustainability remained a central theme, with a focus on the entire value chain from production to disposal. The fair showcased ideas for achieving a circular economy, emphasizing sustainable, regional, and fair concepts. The rising popularity of regional products and the potential of indoor farming were particularly noted.

Internorga 2023

Internorga 2023

Food and Beverage Innovations: Reinventing the Classics

The fair shone a light on ongoing trends in breakfast, snacks, and street food, with particular attention to eggs and bread as versatile ingredients. Innovative approaches to these staples, as well as to coffee and tea, underscored the industry’s creativity and adaptability.

Pink Cube: The Trend Hub

The Pink Cube at INTERNORGA offered insights into the latest food and beverage trends. Trend researcher Karin Tischer led free 30-minute talks, highlighting key industry trends and providing a glimpse into the future of hospitality.

Digital Transformation: A Central Focus

The shift towards digitalization in the hospitality sector was evident. The fair showcased a range of digital solutions, from self-ordering systems to advanced resource planning tools. The emphasis was on leveraging digital technologies to enhance efficiency and appeal to younger consumers.

Comprehensive Solutions: Meeting Diverse Industry Needs

INTERNORGA 2023 emphasized the industry’s need for comprehensive solutions, spanning from innovative food products to practical business tools. The focus was on products that cater to the demands of delivery and take-away, as well as on convenience and part-convenience items that allow for customization and individuality.

Concluding Thoughts: A Resilient Industry Gathering

INTERNORGA 2023 concluded as a successful and vibrant event, reflecting the industry’s resilience and adaptability. The fair provided a platform for meaningful exchanges, innovative concepts, and a look into the future of foodservice and hospitality. With its diverse range of themes and solutions, INTERNORGA once again proved to be an indispensable event for industry professionals, setting the stage for the next edition in 2024.