The delights of Puglia

In the south of Italy, on the shores of a crystal sea, there is Puglia, a region extraordinarily rich in culture and ancient traditions. The local cuisine is just like that: extraordinary, rich and made up of recipes that have been handed down for generations. They’re often pretty simple, but always enhanced by excellent quality ingredients. Let’s discover some of the most appreciated.

True Puglia’s food in Berlin

The number of excellent recipies from Puglia to taste is pretty much endless. The good news is that in Berlin you can find some of the most famous street food straight from the region all together at the Italian Street Food Festival. Come and enjoy it and much more on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of June, at Club Ost, between Treptower Park and Ostkreuz, from 11am to 10pm. Try some orecchiette with broccoli made by La Frisa Frankfurt, where you can find also pucce and friselle. In the mood for panzerotti? Zum Heiligen Teufel has the most tempting in Berlin.

Wonder what’s this all about? Keep on reading and you’ll find out what’s the best street food from Puglia.


Pucce, the street food par excellence in Puglia

With the vast choice this region can offer, determining which is the most beloved street food of Puglia is not an easy task. Maybe, though, people from Puglia would give the crown to the pucce. The word originally means “bite” but the pucce are actually a kind of round and low sandwich, made with a dough prepared with a typical Pugliese recipe. It’s somehow similar to pizza, but still with its own unique taste. Usually a puccia is stuffed with meat, tomatoes or salad, or even with cold cuts and cheeses: the scent will drive you insane, the taste even more so.


Friselle, a taste of summer

Summer is coming! Looking for the perfect italian food for the season? Friselle are a great idea. Light, healthy, simple and of course tasty. They are made from a slice of special bread, often in the shape of a donut. Crunchy and rustic, they can be seasoned in a thousand different ways, but one of the most classic toppings includes tomatoes, olives, tuna, basil and a drizzle of the excellent olive oil of Puglia. You can also enjoy them with seasonal vegetables, dairy products, cheeses and so on.


Panzerotti, the ones you just cannot miss

Another absolute must in the vast landscape of the Puglia’s street food, and once again a recipe made from a few, simple ingredients, which are masterfully mixed together to get a super result. The panzerotti are in fact one of the big hits of the tradition in Puglia, simply mouth-watering and perfect for any occasion. The fried dough is golden and fragrant, the filling is hot and stingy and usually made of tomato and mozzarella, or even of ricotta, spinach and other vegetables.

Sometimes you may also find panzerotti in their sweet version, stuffed with jam or with chocolate cream.