In the hearth of Prenzlauer Berg opened a refined Italian winebar with rare gastronomic delicacies in Berlin: DiWein

DiWein is a small oasis dedicated to the good Italian taste, it’s one of those premises that you would love to find around the corner, in which you can drink a glass of wine after a long day at work, maybe along with a selection of top quality cheese and cold cuts, or you colud have a break at lunch , enjoying its beautiful terrace on Metzer Straβe, one of the most elegant streets of Prenzlauer Berg.
Opened since January 2019, it has brought a lot of wineries and Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso wine bottles, like the Sant’Angelo of Barbatto’s district, the cuvèe Ritratto of La-Vis and the Franco Marinetti Marasco’s Barolo and other exeptional ones like the Sassicaia. The founders of this project are two friends that share the passion of wine: Marco and Peter “the idea was born spontanously during one of many dinners together. We wanted to make a gift to the city that brought us together, creating a wine bar with particular and high quality Italian products, starting with wines.
We chose the wines that we like the most, a lot of them exclusively for Berlin and Germany, then, we contacted the wineries. At a later time we searched for a premise, a friendly place that represents the right setting whether to drink a good glass of wine along with a cutting board or a gourmet sandwich, since we are opened also at lunch, or a showcase in which one can choose the bottle that he wants to buy. We are not the winebar in which one drinks till late at night, rather we make a lot of tastings, parties and private events”

DiWein’s wines high quality for all tastes (and possibilities)

At the moment, we are working with about thirty wineries for an amount of 350 different labels. We also have a wide range of Prosecco wines. More or less we cover all ranges of price, from 8€ to 600€. We exclusively have ten wineries in Berlin, they are always small and medium-sized producers. In fact we like to show what we know best, we have four Apulian and three Friulian wineries, close to our mindset. For the rest, we try to cover all the peninsula with more or less a winery for each region, having an excellence for each territory. For example, during the last Vinitaly, we have selected one Bolgheri, one Amarone and one Brunello, that we were missing. As regards Trentino, we have a winery that represents one of the few that makes Italian riesling, very different from the German one, but that it’s collecting a lot of curiosity and success. We have mixed customers, international as our stories: Italians, Germans and foreigners. The German client is one that learns: if he pretends to know the wine, is because he has learned it, not like those Italians that pretend to be experts only because their grandfather produced wine. They are more familiar with German wines and as a consequence with white ones. They love smooth and fruity wines. When discussing about Italy, they know the most famous regions, like Tuscany or the north ones, but they are very curious and ready to follow us in what we offer as tasting. They are willing to try red wines.If you are able to gain their trust, it’s possible to make them try something different and make them make a virtual trip around Italy, tastingthe bold wines of the south.

DiWein’s food: everything to enhance a wonderful glass of wine

“ We offer cheeses like Burrate, Pecorini, Caciocavalli di Grotta, the Montasio, the Parmigiano Reggiano and a couple of pecorino cheeses, the San Daniele ham, Arriccia’s porchetta, Tuscaany’s finocchiona, the crescia of Marche, the Apulian capocollo, mortadella with pistachio. It’s possible to eat these specialties inside the bar or to buy them. We also have take away products: home made pasta, extra virgin olive oil, frise, taralli, intorchiate, high quality ready-made sauces, Gobino’s gianduiotti, Norcia’s spelt and lentils and biological mixtures of Lavazza, that you can taste also ordering an expresso inside our bar. Every single product that is offered at the counter can also be purchased. The goal is to promote the best of regional specialties, delicacies that rarely one can find on the German market. But mainly to promote the best side of Italy and offer the best of our country to Italians living in Berlin.

Who’s behind DiWein: the stories of Marco and Peter

“ I, Marco, was born and raised in south Rome, in the area of Castelli. For a period I was living also in Ariccia, therefore in the true Porchetta’s homeland. In the capital I first studied and then worked as a management consultant, profession that I currently do here in Germany. In 2016 ,with my wife , I decided to move with all my family here in Berlin. We did’nt run away, both of us had a good job in Rome, but we were lookin for a higher lifestyle quality to be able to care about our children. Peter, instead comes from Noci, in Apuglia, he works as head of human european resources for a big Italian society, before he had worked in the States. In short, we share a great passion for wine, even though during the day we do other things. For this reason, Ines will welcome you, or maybe you coulf find also us, maybe sitted on one of the couches drinking a good glass of wine, talking about how, sometimes, spend some quality time with friends, is the most beautiful thing you can do in the world. “


Metzer Straße 2, 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Opened from Saturday to Thursday from 11 a.m to 19 p.m
Friday from 11 a.m to 9.30 p.m

Each Friday evening, from 6 p.m, aperitif night: a glass of wine and a food selection at 10 €

Tel.: 030 28627760