Vegans and vegetarians readers, the 72hrs True Italian Food Festival is coming and will leave no one empty-handed!

Are you ready for the tastiest 72 hrs True Italian Food Festival of your life, with portions of Italian regional specialties exclusively created for the event, Aperol Spritz, wine, or beer for only 8€?
Italian cuisine has its roots in simple recipes, designed to feed everyone – from the simple farmer to the king of state – with seasonal and local ingredients. Because of this reason, many of them were originally thought to be meatless and without animal derivatives. Simple preparations and high-quality ingredients are what made Italian gastronomy one of the most famous and appreciated cuisines in the whole world. And if you weren’t convinced yet, these naturally vegan specialties will definitely make you fall in love!

Here’s for you a list of all the naturally vegan specialties, available during the 72hrs True Italian Food Festival in Berlin, April 6th-9th. To get to know all restaurants participating and their specialties, click here.

Cargo Gastronomia: frisella with confit tomatoes, garlic oil, basil, and rocket

Frisella is typically from Apulia and is a Tarallo-shaped toasted bread, first baked in the oven, then cut in half and baked again in the oven to take reach a crispy and crunchy texture. It goes perfectly with any seasoning. Cargo Gastronomia offers you a timeless but always tasty and classic frisella with confit tomatoes, garlic oil, basil, and rocket.

Sicula Bar: Aperisiculo bruschetta trio with artichokes, peppers and caponata

Where there’s a glass of Aperol Spritz, there are bruschette! They are an evergreen of every worth having aperitif and for the 72hrs True Italian Food Festival, Sicula Bar in Friedrichshain offers a magical trio! No, We not talking about Harry, Hermione, and Ron. I’m talking about artichokes, peppers, and caponata. Don’t miss them, they quickly disappear!

sicula bar

Prometeo: mashed fava beans with sweet green peppers

Simple dishes are always the best, and Prometeo’s mashed fava beans are a great example of this concept. Enveloping, creamy, and smooth, that’s what we call comfort food!
The fresh aroma and the strong taste of sweet green peppers are what make the delicate flavor of fava beans special. A trip to the ancient Apulia countryside in one plate.

Sironi La Pizza: caponata

If you have never tasted caponata before, this is your moment! This apparently simple dish actually hides a mix of unmistakable scents, colors, and flavors all to be explored.
Every bite of caponata will be a one-way ticket to Sicily. Ready to go?

L’antica Pizzeria da Michele: melanzane “a funghetto” accompanied by focaccia

You’ve never had tastier aubergines than these! Cut into little cubes, cooked in a wood oven, and then cooked again in a pan with diced tomatoes. Tasty and delicious, they perfectly express the Mediterranean taste. Don’t worry, focaccia won’t be missing to clean the plate!

da michele

Surprises are not over!

Not only do all the 41 restaurants participating in the event offer a vegetarian option, but in some of them you can also ask for the vegan option to taste your plant-based aperitif:

Trancina in Prenzlauer Berg: vegan arancino
Madre in Friedrichshain: baked round courgette stuffed with potatoes, black tempeh, and ginger
Spaccanapoli Nr. 12 Friedrichshain: fried vegetables’ cuoppo
Il Kino in Neukölln: vegan arancino
Vier Ecken in Neukölln: a slice of Roman-style pizza with capers, olives, and garlic
Terra in Kreuzberg: sourdough bread with mousse of Tropea onions

All the vegan options available during the 72 hrs True Italian Food Festival are marked with a green leaf on the flyer of the event.
Ready for the most-awaited aperitif of the year? 72 hours of delicacies all to discover. No Excuses to miss it!

72 hrs True Italian Food Festival Berlin 2022

From Wednesday, April 6th, 5 p.m. to the evening of Saturday, April 9th

In 41 Restaurant in Berlin

Facebook Event

More info and full list of the participating restaurants