True Italian Food News: our must-go for the weekend!

As every week, it is time for our beloved True Italian Food News. This weekend as well, Berlin has some mouth-watering new products to offer, which we have gathered for you. Don’t miss the chance to taste all the new typical Italian specialities Berlin has in store!

Wednesday is Pizzaday at InCibus

Just a little reminder to begin with. InCibus wants to help us through the week and make our Wednesdays special with a worthwhile offer: every Wednesday takeaway pizzas just for 6€! And the pizzas on offer change every week, so that you never get bored of our much-loved pizzas. You will be able to taste classic, evergreen pizzas, such as Margherita or Salami, as well as special pizzas, such as Cotto e Stracchino or Patatona con Pesto. Enjoy!

For example, last Wednesday, the pizzas on offer were as follows: Margherita, Salami and Mushrooms, Tuna and Onions, Vegetables, Ham, Zola and Spinach, Rocket and Parma with Burrata.


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New vegan sandwich in Tramesin

Tramesin adds a new sandwich to its menu: a vegan sandwich with grilled vegetables and chickpeas cream. This sandwich is suitable for vegans and vegetarians as well as those who just want to enjoy a lighter snack, avoiding meat. And that doesn’t make it any less good. The decise taste of chickpeas combines perfectly with the fresh and delicate taste of the grilled vegetables, balancing it out. Go try it!


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Dish of the week: Vegetarian Lasagne

DocG also offers a vegetarian dish of the week: lasagne with mozzarella, chanterelles and truffles. With the arrival of autumn and the cooler weather, the specialities offered by our Italian restaurants off their menus also change. The evergreen lasagna is here revisited with typical autumn ingredients: chanterelles and truffles. Don’t miss the opportunity to try this delicate dish, whose mix of delicate flavours will overwhelm your taste buds!


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New orange wine: Greco di Tufo

FUTURA Neapolitan Pizza has a new special wine on its list: Greco di Tufo IGT 2016. This is a truly special wine, with a strong amber colour and orange nuances, which derive from a particular production procedure. In fact, during the production of this wine, the grape skins are not removed but left to macerate with the must, which gives this wine its typical orange colour. Go and try a glass!

Back to our childhood with Peggy Bee

Peggy Bee takes us back to childhood with a delicious new ice cream flavour: the Charlie Brown. The flavour consists of banana ice cream with peanuts and a sprinkling of chocolate curls. The sweetness of the banana ice cream mixes perfectly with the bitterness of the chocolate and the crunch of the peanuts, giving a rounded flavour that totally satisfies our palate. Go and try a scoop… and maybe even ask for a second one!

Dolce misto per tre, ideal for those who never know which dessert to choose

A final sweet note for this week comes from the Sicula Bar: the dolce misto per tre. This dessert pleases and satisfies everyone’s taste: in fact, it is a mix of small portions of different desserts on the menu. Among the desserts on offer you’ll find: the classic cannolo filled with ricotta cheese, a small portion of cheesecake and pistachio parfait, the summery and fresh delizia al limone, some pieces of Modica chocolate and, last but not least, the much-loved crema al caffè, a coffee sorbet particularly popular in Italy in summer.


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