On the occasion of the True Italian Pasta Week we’re launching a new Instagram contest that will introduce you to the secrets of pasta-making.

The True Italian Pasta Week 2023 is just around the corner and we want you to share your best #HungryFace!

Participating in the Instagram constest is super easy: you just need to show how much you are craving that delicious bowl of pasta and capture the moment at one of the restaurants taking part in the event.

You will get the chance to win a voucher for a fresh pasta workshops offered by Pasta Madre, a Molinari Fan Package or a Limoncello Di Capri set.

Read this article also in Italian and German.

The True Italian Pasta Week Instagram Contest

Show us your best #HUNGRYFACE

This year for the True Italian Pasta Week contest we want you to even more creative. Be it with pictures or reels, we want to see the hungry faces that express your desire to eat that amazing bowl of pasta waiting for you at the restaurant.

Participating in the contest is very easy: take a good look at that mouth-watering pasta and then capture your best shot with it!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper contest without some rules, so follow these easy steps:

  1. from November 13th until November 19th, visit one of the 37 participating restaurants and order one of the dishes they offer for the event;
  2. capture your best (or worst, we won’t judge…other people on Instagram will) HUNGRY FACE
  3. publish it * on your personal profile before November 19th at 11 PM.

and do not forget to:

  • tag the Instagram profile of True Italian (@trueitalianfood) in the picture or reel;
  • use the hashtag #TrueItalianPastaWeek and #HungryFace in the description;
  • geo-localize the post in the restaurant in which you took the picture/reel (once again, remember it has to be one of the 38 participating restaurants).

*Be careful, only posts (pictures, reels) will be considered, not stories.

As easy as that? Now it is up to the jury! 

The True Italian Team will select the 10 posts with the hungriest expressions an repost them, on Monday 20th, in the Instagram stories of the @trueitalianfood profile.

Our community will then take the lead and vote through a poll which are the 3 best picture of this years contest. At the end of the 24-hour duration of the stories, we will announce the winners based on the most liked picture/reel.

The 3 winners of the contest will be contacted via DM and shared in the Instagram stories… and most importantly awarded with:

  1. prize: a fresh pasta workshop by Pasta Madre, to discover all the secrets to make the perfect fresh pasta at home
  2. prize: a Molinari Fan Package icluding a bottle of Molinari Extra, one of Molinari Caffè, a backbag and a cap
  3. prize: a Limoncello Di Capri set including a bottle of Limoncello Di Capri and 6 shot glasses.

Get hungy, and get ready to take your best shoot!

Pasta Madre

Experience the joy of the Mediterranean way-of-eating and learn more about the secrets of pasta-making

Are you stressed by your frenetic way of living that goes from a quick fast-food lunch to a disappointing ready-made dinner? Have you always desired to recreate that satisfying taste at home but you don’t even know where to start from?

At Pasta Madre you will not only learn how to make fresh pasta with your own hands, but you will get guided through a journey that will change your relationship with food forever. Carried by the love for food at Pasta Madre nutrition is seen as dynamic force that influences all facets of life: what we eat and the way we eat affects not only our body and our mind, but also shapes the interactions with the people around us.

This is why, in their courses, they take a 360-degrees perspective regarding our relationship with food, taking into account also the social and psychological aspects of our eating habits. They will show you step-by-step how to make fresh, healthy and tasty pasta, but also show you what cooking really means.