Berlin bars and restaurants where you can enjoy an Italian Aperitivo are – almost – endless. We have gathered up our personal favourites and organized them in different ‘Kiez’, starting from Friedrichshain.

Hello trueitalianfoodies! In how many Italian bars and restaurants in Berlin have you already had an Aperitivo with friends? There are so many that it is impossible to list them all in one article! So today we leave for Friedrichshain: here are some of the ones we like the most in that neighbourhood. By the way, you can find a reel here on Instagram, to help you decide where to go this weekend.

*This guide is continuously updated*

Sicula Bar, your Sicilian reference point

Sicula Bar is not only a bar where you can start your day with a wonderful breakfast: you can also eat for lunch and dinner, and have nice Happy Hours, too. You can taste typical Sicilian specialities (which you can also buy at their shop) such as cannolo and have a bottle of good wine with friends. It’s your Sicilian reference point in Friedrichshain. And what’s better than enjoying a Birra Messina along with typical Sicilian food?

Where? Sicula Bar, Scharnweberstae 46, 10247 Berlin.


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Madre, the perfect combination of French and Italian culinary tradition

Madre is an Italian French artisanal restaurant that opened just in 2020, but it’s already well known for the creativity of its dishes. There you can taste great first and second courses which are sometimes fusion ones, and their menu can vary according to the seasons and the availability of the ingredients. They can combine interesting tastes and offer a lot of vegan dishes, too! There you can also have wonderful Happy hours in one of the most famous squares of Berlin (Boxhagener Platz): they have starters such as Taralli, good wine, and cocktails, some of which are creative ones, so you just have to try them! Plus, they offer the Wolt delivery.

You can find them at Madre, Gärtnerstraße 12, 10245 Berlin.


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Spaccanapoli Nr. 12, enjoy a good spritz and a Neapolitan pizza

Spaccanapoli Nr. 12 opened in November 2021, but already conquered the hearts of the Berliners thanks to its delicious pizza and other Neapolitan specialities. There you can find classical and special pizzas, including vegan ones, but also Calzoni, Lasagne, salads, fried courgettes, delicious desserts, and much more. It offers some good cocktails, too, so that you can go there for a Happy Hour, also because there are wonderful Italian starters. Plus, they sometimes organize Aperol Spritz nights, where you can drink the famous Italian cocktail spending just €3.50! Just take a look at their Instagram. They deliver with Wolt and Lieferando.

Just go to Spaccanapoli Nr. 12, Wühlischstraße 12, 10245 Berlin


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Il Moro Cucina Popolare, a Sicilian corner in Friedrichshain

Il Moro cucina popolare is a well known Italian restaurant in the heart of Friedrichshain which offers traditional Sicilian dishes (but not only) and Pizza. Their delicious dishes can vary from time to time because they always use fresh ingredients: there you can find homemade pasta, gnocchi, desserts, and much more! You can have there a nice aperitif with cocktails, wine, and the delicious Sicilian finger food they offer, such as Arancini. They offer the Lieferando delivery service and have a shop, too, where you can buy Italian wine and food.

You find them at Il Moro, Wühlischstraße 39A 10245 Berlin.


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Monti Caffè Bar, happy hour and Roman dishes

Monti Caffè Bar is an interesting small Bistrot that offers delicious continental breakfasts, but also starters like Bruschette and cocktails, which are perfect for happy hours with friends. Plus, you can taste their fresh homemade pasta, salads, other Roman dishes, and vegan specialities, too!

Where? Monti Caffè Bar, Simon-Dach-Straße 3, 10245 Berlin.


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Cargo Gastronomia, the place to taste any sort of Antipasti

Cargo Gastronomia is the perfect place in Friedrichshain if you want to spend a nice time with friends in the name of Italian tradition, drinking some good cocktails and listening to music. You can taste great Italian starters (‘antipasti’) with Mozzarella, Burrata, olives, bread, and much more, but also delicious Bruschette, Pasta dishes, salads, and desserts, too! You can have red, white, rosé wine, prosecco, and many other cocktails that Italians usually have for a Happy Hour, for example, Spritz or Negroni! The choice is wide. Plus, they offer services such as takeaway and delivery with Wolt.

Where? Cargo Gastronomia, Samariterstraße 37, 10247 Berlin.


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MedEATerranean TRIP, take a journey in the Mediterranean cuisine

MedEATerranean TRIP is an Italian restaurant and bar where you can get to know the Mediterranean cuisine and have wonderful Aperitivi, too. Their menu offers fresh homemade pasta, focaccia, and bread made with fresh and quality ingredients. You can have a lot of main and second courses, including soups or cold dishes (some of them are vegetarian or gluten-free) and stunning aperitivi with wine and cocktails. Plus, they organize interesting art exhibitions to support local artists, cooking classes, and much more!

Just go for MedEATerranean TRIP, Gabriel-Max-Strasse 19, 10245 Berlin.


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If you haven’t tried these bars yet, hurry up! However, remember that these are just some of the best in the neighbourhood.

*This guide is continuously updated*

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