All the best heads-up for the week ahead in Berlin in another edition of the True Italian Food News

Christmas is right around the corner, and before officially wishing you all the best for this upcoming Holiday season, we have another True Italian Food News edition for you.

Sicula Bar is offering you all the best Christmas Sicilian products for this season

Panettoni Noemi 100% Sicilian produced (classic or with chocolate chips), Sicilian beers, Sicilian wines. These are just a couple of examples of all the delicious products you can find at Sicula Bar, gift ideas or even just as a personal reward!


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Piadina is gonna become your new favourite quick lunch at Spaccanapoli n. 12

Already well known for its delicious pizza, Spaccanapoli n. 12 is coming up with some brand new ideas also for your lunch break. Besides salads and Panuozzi, now you can also find delicious Piadine with many different fillings.


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Christmas Pastiera freshly baked at Vino e Basilico

If you wanna try something different from the usual Panettone or Pandoro but equally delicious and 100% Italian, run to Vino e Basilico and try their freshly baked Neapolitan Pastiere. Reserve yours by calling 01578558992 or sending a DM to their personal Instagram profile @vinoebasilicoofficial.

A brand new stuffed crocchè has landed in Malafemmena Prenzlauer Berg

Malafemmena Prenzlauer Berg had already stolen our hearts – and stomachs – with the first released stuffed crocchès. Now we have a brand new one: breaded with almonds, fried eggplants, basil burrata stracciatella, fennel, fried basil. *silently screaming*

Run to Mani in Pasta before is too late!

Everyone needs a short break from time to time, and Mani in Pasta has officially announced theirs. The restaurant will be closed for the winter break starting from December 23rd. Go and try their fresh pasta recipes before Christmas comes!


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Kids-friendly Pizza? Sironi la Pizza got you covered!

Whether you have kids or you simply can’t eat a whole pizza by yourself, this new Sironi creation is right for you. All the great pizza flavours in a smaller size:  the new Baby Bufala or Margherita.


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That is it for this week of food adventures! See you all very soon 🙂