Siciliamo represents a culinary project that connects Sicily to Berlin, founded by an Italian-German duo. This initiative not only brings the flavors of the island to Germany, but also shares its rich culture and traditions.

The project was born from a shared passion for travel and cooking. During a stay in Thailand, the founders discovered that food is a powerful means to connect with a culture. This revelation prompted them to transform their culinary and organizational skills into a professional enterprise, focused on teaching Sicilian cuisine.

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The cultural role of Siciliamo and the importance of a Slow Food philosophy

Siciliamo serves as a cultural bridge, offering workshops that go beyond the simple preparation of dishes. Participants learn not only the recipes but also the stories and traditions that accompany them, providing a deeper understanding of Sicilian culture. The project emphasizes the concept of slow food, highlighting the importance of food as a social and cultural element. The cooking classes offered aim to recreate the atmosphere of traditional Sicilian cuisine, where the process of cooking is as important as the end result.


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Sicilian cuisine in Berlin

Bringing Sicily to Berlin was a deliberate choice to share the richness of Sicilian cuisine with a cosmopolitan city. This approach not only enriches the Berlin culinary scene but also offers a taste of Sicilian authenticity to residents and visitors to the city. With increasing interest in Sicilian cuisine, Siciliamo sees this trend as an opportunity to promote tourism and investment in Sicily and to inspire other culinary activities to explore and incorporate elements of Sicilian tradition.

Workshops and tradition

Through its workshops, Siciliamo is committed to preserving Sicilian culinary traditions. These sessions offer not only cooking lessons but also a way to keep history and traditional techniques alive.

Future projects

Siciliamo aims to expand its presence in Berlin, with the goal of opening a space that can accommodate cooking lessons, a store of Sicilian products, and a bistro, creating a real cultural and culinary meeting point. It is more than just a culinary experience; it is a journey into Sicilian culture. Through its courses and activities, the project invites Berliners and visitors to explore the rich heritage of this Italian region, celebrating its flavors and stories.