True Italian Food News: our must-go for the weekend!

Like every weekend, it’s time for our much-loved food news. Berlin always has something in store to surprise you and, this week as well, we will present some culinary news for you to enjoy. Enjoy a relaxing weekend, drinking a cold beer and tasting the newest Italian specialities in Berlin!

Dolci e Salati’s custard cake with fresh fruit

This weekend we start from the dessert. Dolci e Salati brings you a typically Italian specialty that you may have never tried before: custard cake with fresh fruit. This fresh and light dessert is suitable for any season of the year, but especially for summer. The base is made of shortcrust pastry, on which a generous layer of custard is spread, then covered with colourful fruit compositions. These combinations can include a wide range of fruit, such as strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, bananas, and grapes… which will give a creative and colourful touch to your snacks or serve as a fresh and creative dessert after your Sunday meal. The tartness of the fruit will contrast the sweetness of the custard and the crunchiness of the base will be balanced by the soft and delicate texture of the toppings, creating a unique mix. Go and enjoy a slice of Italy!


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Breathe in the air of the Gulf of Naples: pasta con Genovese di polpo

Another outstanding speciality for this weekend comes from Osteria Tressanti: pasta con Genovese di polpo. Genovese is a typical sauce from Naples, which first appeared in the city around the 15th/16th century. The original recipe calls for a white ragout made with minced beef and a generous amount of onion, which are cooked for hours to create a creamy sauce. Instead, the recipe proposed by Osteria Tressanti calls for a red sauce, in which meat is replaced by octopus, giving a summery, maritime touch to the dish. Come and try it with a glass of white wine!


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Delicate but tasty: the new pizza stracchino and pancetta

PARMA di Vinibenedetti is famous for its wide selection of top-quality cold cuts and cheeses, which they also use to prepare pizzas. The special pizza on offer this week is pizza stracchino e pancetta, which is absolutely exceptional despite the simplicity of the ingredients. Stracchino is an unripened, soft and creamy cheese with a very delicate taste typical of Emilia Romagna, in northern Italy. On the other hand, Pancetta has a strong, savoury taste with a smoky aftertaste. The perfect match!

Three new tasty first courses from our beloved Trinacria

Number three is traditionally the perfect number and, in this case, it does not only represent the three extremities of beautiful Trinacria (the ancient name for our beloved Sicily), but also the number of new first courses that the Sicula Bar has included on its weekend menu. First of all, lasagne with mushrooms, béchamel and Scamorza cheese, a typical recipe from the mountains, with a delicate flavour. Second, pasta with ricotta, confit tomatoes and almond cream, a dish that strongly evokes the flavours of the Sicilian territories. Last but not least, lemon risotto with mortadella cubes is a perfect mix of northern and southern products and culinary traditions: mortadella from Bologna and fresh Sicilian lemons. Share one or more of these absolutely extraordinary recipes with your friends and family!

New hazy IPA in Birra Berlin

This weekend as well, Birra Berlin offers you a new special beer, once again from the Fuerst Wiacek brewery: Chinook, a hazy IPA showcasing Chinook hop. This beer is an incredibly well-done hybrid between a New England IPA and a West Coast one, having, on the one hand, a very smooth body, with an aftertaste of cereals and, on the other hand, the wooden bitterness given by the chinook hop. Enjoy every last sip!


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The weekend starts on Thursday with Spritz Donnerstag

Vinoteca Berlin Weinbar also offers a remedy to the summer heat: our beloved Spritz Donnerstag. Every Thursday, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic Italian aperitifs, from the most traditional to the more “niche” ones. Crodino, the typical aperitif with a bitter aftertaste for those who go non-alcoholic. The Aperol and Campari Spritz, for those who want to stick to tradition and choose one of the two evergreens of the Italian Aperitivo. The Sarti Spritz, Limoncello Spritz and Select Spritz, for the avant-gardists who want to try something different, fresh and sweeter.