Pizza, focaccia pugliese, saltimbocca, calzoni, lasagne, home made tiramisù: try the Italian traditional falvours at Pizza Nostra.

Prenzlauer Berg meets the four generation traditional specialities of Pizza Nostra

Pizza in slices, stuffed, rolled, traditional pizza, lasagne, home-made tiramisu: these are only a few of the specialties you could taste at Pizza Nostra, in Prenzlauer Berg.
The mantra which becomes clear while reading the menu of this Italian pizzeria at Eberswalder Str. is without any doubt: “We stick to our family tradition and use the best ingredients only”. The excellent neighbourhood pizzeria owner is Giuseppe, coming from the Italian province of Naples, in his pizzeria he welcomes the costumers from his pizza counter.

Pizza Nostra products. Just like in an Italian Bakery, at Pizza Nostra you will find flat bread, stuffed focaccia, rolled-pizza, double-layered pizza, parigina (pizza with a French pastry bottom), saltimbocca, pizza in slices, take-away pizza.
“I remember myself as a child, sleeping on sacks full of flour” declares the owner. Giuseppe’s bond to his family is profound, and the reason is easy to catch. He owes everything to his origins and that’s why you might also notice some family-photos all around the pizzeria. For generations Giuseppe’s family has owned some bakeries in Pompeii, a town between Naples and the Amalfitan Coast. “Our pizza draws inspiration from our 19th century traditional recipes perpetuated over the years. My grandfather and my great-grandfather were bakers and pizza men themselves: I was told that there was no baker’s yeast and no bread-maker once, so that they had to use big tanks full of flour and water and knead by hand. Only after 4 days of hard work the dough was finally ready. Nowadays we are lazier, even pushing a button makes us tired.” tells Giuseppe with a smile.



Pizza Nostra and its pizza. Although technology has made bakers and pizza-men lives a lot easier, Giuseppe still won’t give up on tradition and by eating his products it becomes more evident, bite after bite. His ingredients are completely made in Italy: tomatoes from Sicily, mozzarella from Campania and salami from North Italian regions. But Giuseppe’s secret for a good pizza stays in the dough:” You can have the best ham in town, or the healthiest arugula ever, the dough is fundamental. For this reason our dough rising process lasts 30 hours and we use small amount of yeast. The whole process though depends on many factors such as moistness, temperature and wind. My uncle used to go out for a stroll so that he could figure how much yeast we needed to use. He got me puzzled, but he was always right.”

Pizza Nostra

Open Monday-Saturday: 12.00- 00.00
Sunday: 13.00-00.00

Lychenerstr. 2, 10437 Berlin
Tel.: 030 41717000

Translation edited by Maria Cristina Odierna