The perfect event for everyone who loves pistachio is coming to Berlin! For the first time, a festival entirely dedicated to this ingredient.

Pistachio is loved throughout the world’s cuisine and has an extraordinary feature: it tastes amazing in both savoury and sweet recipes. Once pistachio is involved, everything looks more appetizing and beautiful to the eyes, and yet, it has never had its own gastronomic festival to be celebrated the way it deserves. However, the Pistachio Street Food Festival is ready to fill this gap on the 28th and 29th of August at the beautiful location of Jules B-Part, inside Berlin’s Gleisdreieck park. Each stand will present their pistachio themed dishes: arancini, pizza, panzerotti, beefsteak, crusted tuna, tiramisù, ceviche, Turkish baklava, octopus sandwiches and more. There will be many different representatives from all around the world, all with the goal to celebrate the best street food dishes enriched by this new exceptional ingredient. 

Read this article also in Italian and in German.

Pistachio Street Food Festival, about the event

Approximately 15 stands and food trucks will take part in the event. Many will be Italian, or more specifically, Sicilian (like Duo Sicilian Ice Cream and Tipico Siciliano) who will prepare delicious meals with the addition of the very notorious Bronte Pistachio. However, there will also be some representatives from the Turkish, Persian cuisines, together with others, where pistachio is also a fundamental ingredient.

Duo Sicilian Ice Cream’s pistachio glaze couldn’t miss in this event!

Pistachio Street Food Festival, not only food

The event will host DJ-set and live performances but that’s not all. The green colour will play a very important role during the whole occurence. The entry will cost 3 euros (children under the age of 12 will enter for free), but those who will arrive with a full-on green outfit (except shoes) will also have the chance to enter for free. All participants will also have the opportunity to participate in an Instagram photo contest to try and win a 50 euros coupon to be redeemed at Duo Sicilian Food Shop (pistachio pesto and creams).

Pistachio Street Food Festival, safety rules

In order to guarantee everyone’s safety, visitors have to show a negative test result not older than 24 hours, a complete vaccination or a certificate of healing (a test centre will be set up at the entrance). You will also have to register via the Luca or Corona Warn App and wear a face mask while walking around the area.

Try Lemon Feinkost’s “mafruka”, a traditional Lebanese dessert

Pistachio Street Food Festival, about the organizers

The Pistachio Street Food Festival is organized by Berlin Italian Communication – the agency that owns the brand name True Italian and the online magazine Berlino Magazine – already a promoter of other past events like the Berlin Ice Cream Week and the Italian Street Food Festival. Also coming up: the True Italian Pizza Week, taking place from September 9th to 15th, and the True Italian Pasta Week in November.

Pistachio Street Food Festival

Saturday August 28th and Sunday August 29th from 11 am until 10 pm

At Jules B-Part – Luckenwalder Str. 6b, 10963 Berlin ( U1, U2, U3 stop Gleisdreieck)

Facebook event

Participating Stands

Burritos by Gianfranco – Classic, vegetarian and vegan burritos with pistachio sauce

Duo Sicilian Ice Cream – Gelato, granita, pistachio cream, pistachio pesto, small pistachio cannoli, pistachio pastries, pistachio cake

Ferhan Feinkost – Loukum and halva (Turkish dry pistachio pastries)

Jarù – Ceviche with pistachio granules, pistachio empanadas and lomo saltado (beef with caramelized onions and rice) with pistachios

Kuchen von Gaia – Pistachio cannoli, pistachio tiramisu, pistachio cream puffs

La Frisa Fra – Frisa with cherry tomatoes, cheese and pistachio granules, rustico with pistachio cream, orecchiette with cherry tomatoes, burrata cheese and pistachio granules, pittule with pistachio, pistachio pasticciotto pastry

Lemon Feinkost – Pistachio baklava, mafruka (typical Lebanese cake with a base of pistachios), pistachio paste wraps

Mammafiore/Marullo – Pistachio cream, pistachio pesto, pistachio pâté, pistachio granules

Manifestaurant – Grilled prawns with chips and pistachio sauce, grilled fish sandwiches with pistachio sauce

MedEATerranean Trip – Pistachio gnocchi, pistachio meatballs, pistachio focaccia, pistachio sandwich with octopus and pistachio sauce, pistachio Neapolitan pastries

Paisà Frische Pasta – Pasta with pistachio pesto (regular and vegan), pistachio carbonara

Pizzeria Luna – Pizza with mortadella, mozzarella and pistachios

Tehran 021 – Juwelenreis with pistachios and almonds, samosa with pistachio sauce, sholeh zard (Persian rice and saffron cake with pistachios and almonds)

Tipico siciliano – Arancine with speck and pistachios, mixed arancine with pistachio sauce, pistachio sausage, stigghiola and arrosticini with pistachio sauce, sliced beef with grana cheese, rocket and pistachio granules, pistachio burger, panelle and pistachio bread, pistachio small Erice pastries

Zum Heiligen Teufel – Panzerotto with mortadella, mozzarella and pistachio, panzerotto with friarielli, anchovies and pistachios, classic panzerotto