From the originally old Greek name of Naples, Partenopeo Caffè Bistrot brings Neapolitan culinary culture to Munich. Partenopeo Caffè Bistrot brings Neapolitan culinary culture to Munich under the motto “Poc’ ma buon”, less but tastier. Yes, because this bistrot prioritizes the quality of their dishes and ingredients.

From salsiccia with friarielli, stuffed pepperoni, pasta with potatoes, pasta with beans and mussels, homemade gnocchi to the classic ragout Napoletano. And of course Neapolitan pizza, where the pizzaiolo never allows any cheese other than mozzarella. Desserts are also homemade: O Babbá Napulitan, Pastiera Napoletana or fine almond cookies.

Ever heard of caffè sospeso – literally translated, a “suspended coffee”? It comes from a Neapolitan tradition: two espressos are ordered and paid for, but only one is drunk. The “leftover” espresso is given to a passerby or guest who lacks the necessary change for the coffee at the moment. Try it at the Partenopeo Caffè Bistrot.

Every Saturday evening from 18.00 “AN ITALIAN APERITIVO”.

? Einsteinstraße 103, 81675 München

? Tuesday-Friday: 12:00 – 22:30

Sunday: 18:00 – 22:30

? +49 (0)89 41 55 92 70

? Partenopeo Caffè Bistrot