Pecora Nera brings Venetian cuisine in Berlin! Tasty dishes carefully prepared with the best Italian products.

“La Pecora Nera brings the real Venetian cuisine to Berlin and offers the original Spritz for just 2,50€.”

Handmade Bigoli (an extruded pasta in the form of a long and thick tube) seasoned with duck ragu (Italian meat sauce) or sardines sauce, late radicchio risotto from Treviso, creamy salted codfish, cornmeal mush with Asiago (an Italian cow’s milk cheese), mushrooms and sausage, a special selection of Italian cold cuts and cheeses; these are only some of the tasty dishes served at La Pecora Nera. It is a Venetian tavern located at Herrfurthplatz 6, near Tempelhof park, Neukölln. When you enter the restaurant you feel like being in a typical Italian tavern where you can have an aperitif with a spritz or a glass of wine and eat something to stimulate the appetite before having dinner.

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“I moved from Vicenza to Venice because of university. When I was a student I used to work in some restaurants and taverns in Venice and I was so fascinated by the bàcari (typical taverns in Venice), by their wines and cicchetti (small snacks or side dishes). After having known Jana, we decided to open that same kind of tavern in Berlin. At the beginning we served only aperitifs: spritz for just 2,50€ with a selection of cold cuts, cheeses and spunciotti, those snacks with olives and meatballs that now all people name “finger food”. But over the years we decided to expand our menu, and now we manage a real restaurant. Anyway we still serve aperitif everyday from 6 pm to 8 pm, with our snacks and the cheapest spritz in Berlin.”

“I used some old furniture and some of my grandmother’s paintings to furnish the restaurant. Tables are made with old sewing machines. Pictures of my great-grandparents, grandparents and the rest of my family are on the walls. Thanks to high quality products, our dishes have an authentic flavour, like in Italy.”

“I buy cheeses, cold cuts, meats and wines from Italian suppliers. Daily specials change depending on the season; anyway there are some dishes that are fixed in our menu like cornmeal mush with soppressa (cold meat of pork obtained by pressing parts of the head and skin), bigoli with sardines sauce or sausage with beans. Sometimes we also serve dishes like sarde in saor (sweet and sour sardines) and creamy codfish. Also the wines list periodically changes, we serve: typical wines like Gris Pinot, Tai Rosso dei Colli Berici and Serpino dei Colli Euganei, but also organic and natural wines. Every Tuesday we offer a vegetarian menu and every Friday we serve a fish dinner.”

La pecora nera

Herrfurthplatz 6, 12049 Berlin

Telephone: 0049 (0)30 68832676

Open Tuesday to Sunday, from 6 pm to midnight


Translation edited by: Giacomo Martella