The story behind the patron San Biagio

In Italy, as the “protector of the throat,” the faithful turn to Saint Biagio to treat physical ills and, in particular, to heal throat diseases. We would say that we all need his help during this flu period!

There is a very famous saying from Milan dedicated to him: San Biàs a l’ te presèrve la góla da i rèsche de pèss e da töt ol rèst, that means “San Biagio preserves your throat from the fish bones and all the ailments”. But what does Saint Biagio have to do with panettone?

On February the 3rd in Milan, it’s tradition to eat “panettone of San Biagio,” the dry one left that people didn’t manage to finish during the Christmas holidays. This custom started from an ancient popular legend, according to which a woman, just before Christmas, went to her friar to have the panettone she had prepared for her family blessed. The friar, at that moment quite busy, asked her to leave him the dessert and to come and get it after a few days.

Only after Christmas the friar realized that he had forgotten about it, but at that point, the panettone was dry, so he ate it not to throw it away. Only on February the 3rd the woman showed up to have her blessed panettone back. The monk, very sorry, went to the rectory to take the empty container to return it to the woman, and that’s when the miracle happened: there was a panettone twice the size of the one left in December!

Do you also have leftover panettone from the holidays? Don’t throw it away!

Do you have some dry panettone left from Christmas Holidays, and you don’t know how to eat it? We have thought about some recipes to create something creative and tasty to save it! Moreover, it will be an occasion to celebrate Saint Biagio and, who knows, to be preserved to all physical ills! Check these recipes here below.


Panettone flan with persimmon sauce

Let’s start with a simple version, very easy to make. You will just need some cream, milk, dark chocolate, one khaki, butter, and sugar. The main part is creating a ganache and the panettone dough by breaking the panettone into a bowl, then wet and mix it with the other ingredients until you get a soft mixture. But the best part is the khaki sauce that gives that necessary contrast to the whole recipe. Go buy some khakis!


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Panettone toast with avocado and salmon

You won’t believe it, but yes, you can also create salty recipes with your panettone! The one that we thought for you is delicious and incredibly easy. You just have to cut panettone discs and toast them in the oven, and then add on them some salmon and avocado. An original version of the avocado toast that will surprise you! Of course, you can also add on it what you like the best… Go and leave room for your creativity!


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Panettone cheesecake

Have you ever thought about it? A cheesecake with panettone? I know it sounds weird, but it’s really yummy! In this recipe, the panettone is used for the base. You just have to add soft butter to the panettone and then knead it to obtain a firm dough. We usually create the upper layers with cream cheese and robiola (goat’s milk spreadable cheese) and we put exotic fruits like mango or papaya to decorate the above. Trust us, it’s worth a try!


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Panettone crumble

We thought of a way to go on having breakfast with panettone even after Christmas, just differently. Let’s create a crumble out of it!
To do so, cut the panettone into small pieces and blend finely, then collect it in a bowl with flour, semolina, sugar, butter, and yolk and begin to knead until you get a sandy mixture. Now, bake it until it’s very crumbly. It’s so original and creative that everybody will be very impressed when you’ll make it!


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Tiramisù con panettone

We finish this list with a great classic: the tiramisù. It’s probably the smartest way to use the dry panettone. To prepare it, just put the panettone slices inside a transparent baking dish, then wet them with some coffee. To finish, pour the mascarpone cream and cover the cream with the other slices of panettone and then again with the cream. The final result is so creamy that you will “lick your fingers”!


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So, did we convince you to re-use your dry panettone instead of throwing it away?!