The True Italian Pizza Week Deutschland is back: don’t miss the incredible proposals of the pizzerias throughout Germany and the chance to win a trip to Naples

Tomorrow, the 14th September 2023, the True Italian Pizza Week Deutschland will finally begin. For those who already love the event and for those who still have to discover it, let’s repeat how the event works. From tomorrow until Wednesday 20th September 2023, you can choose a special pizza – to choose between two variants – and an Aperol Spritz for just 15€ in almost 300 pizzerias in over 20 cities across Germany (discover the entire list here). The event is organized by True Italian, the project of the Italian agency Berlin Italian Communication, dedicated to the promotion and safeguarding of Italian culinary culture abroad, in collaboration with Campari Deutschland and the patronage of the Municipality of Naples.

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Join the Instagram photo and video contest and win a trip to Naples, where more than food, pizza is considered a form of art.

In addition to the joy of eating an authentic Italian pizza together with an Aperol Spritz for just 15€, True Italian also gives you the chance to win a trip to Naples, the homeland of pizza, with a two night-stay for two people (flight included, covered up to 200€). Moreover, four Aperol boxes will be up for grabs, containing two glasses and a bottle of Aperol, giving you everything you need to have a good aperitivo in good company. How? Showing us, through a photo or a reel posted on your Instagram profile, all your love for the pizza-Aperol Spritz combo: be creative, fun, HUNGRY!

How to participate in the contest

It’s easy to participate! During the week of the event (14-20 September) go to one of the (almost) 300 pizzerias that join the True Italian Pizza Week and take a photo (or shoot a short video) with one of the two special pizzas offered at the event (here you can find the complete list of participating pizzerias). Post your content – a picture or reel (stories will not be taken into account), on your Instagram profile by midnight on the last day of the event (Wednesday, September 20) and follow these simple rules:

  • Tag the Instagram profile @trueitalianfood;
  • mention in the post the hashtags #trueitalianpizzaweek, #togetherwithaperol and #jointhejoy;
  • include the geolocation indicating the pizzeria where you took the photo (obviously it must be one of the 300 pizzerias participating in the event).

How to win the contest

At the conclusion of True Italian Pizza Week our jury will select 10 among the most beautiful and fun shots/reels, rewarding creativity more than technique (it is a contest for amateur “instagrammers”, that have no more than 4,000 followers). On Thursday, 21th September, 10 selected contents will be released in the Instagram stories of the profile of @trueitalianfood. It will then be the followers, through Instagram surveys, that will choose the winner. The winner will be announced at the end of the stories always on the Instagram profile of @trueitalianfood.

Why Naples?

Naples is not only the home of pizza, where you can find the most famous and ancient pizzerias in the world, such as the ancient pizzeria Da Michele, Pizzeria Brandi and Pizzeria Lombardi, but it is also a city of extraordinary beauty, so much so that its old town was declared UNESCO-Heritage in 1995. A stay in Naples, therefore, is not only a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in history and culture but also the perfect excuse to enjoy all the specialities that the Neapolitan culinary tradition boasts. This contest will put at your disposal this unmissable opportunity.

Just follow the instructions above… and have luck!

Good luck to everyone!